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Old news can sometimes be like old lessons. We must learn from them as they will serve us well. That is why this website, which admittedly contains lots of archived materials, is still relevant.

Disagree? If it were not for news, new or old, how would we find out what is going on in the world? And for news events of the past, dare we forget (for example) two world wars? And how do we learn about such events? From reading old news reports.

Of course, not all news is reported accurately or honestly. But by reading as much as we can, and from diverse cources, we can form a better opinion of what is going on in the world around us.

Some of the news items presented on this website are included merely for recording purposes - to let the reader gain some grasp of what was being headlined about the subject of water fluoridation (and related issues) some years ago.

In places, we'll also provide a summary of the story. But for those stories which have substantial content, we have given them their own folder in the media section. You will be able to read them in the MAJOR ARTICLES section.

*For up-to-date news on fluoride, look at this link: Fluoride Action Network News